Bentley Cars to Increase Focus On India and China

The number of cars on the road is increasing day by day. So is the competition between various companies. Chris Buxton, Bentley

Motors Regional Director (Middle East, Africa and India) said in a press meeting” There has been a slowdown in the global

automobile market and we are expecting to compensate this slowdown by demand in emerging market like India, China and

Middle East”. The director further added that India was an important market with huge potential in the long run. The company

has sold some 100 cars in India since 2003 and has a backlog order of 30 cars.

The company has introduced the fastest car in the world in India, Continental Flying Spur Speed which can move at the speed of

320 Kmph.This car will be priced at approximately Rs 2.5 crore .Besides this car the company has four other models for sale in

India. Bentley also plans a new model for Indian consumers and will launch it in 2 years.

While in Asia, the company has sold the maximum number of cars in China and the U.S is its biggest global market. With this move we

shall see a new range of swanky cars on Indian roads very soon.